2 oz. Copperzilla Turret Top

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If one is a shooter of solid copper bullets in long range rifles, lead slugs in shotguns, or has found Gunzilla to work slower than needed, Copperzilla is the ideal cleaning solution.

Copperzilla also significantly speeds up the removal of lead fouling left in shotguns from shooting slugs.

Copperzilla is perfect for removing the most stubborn copper and/or lead fouling. This is done by applying a small amount to a patch or brush, which is then run through the bore, allowing Copperzilla to work its magic on the buildup. After 20 to 30 minutes, clean dry patches are then run through the bore to remove the loosened crud. Once the difficult copper and lead residue has been eliminated, the bore and the rest of the gun can then be cleaned with Gunzilla

Afterwards, apply a very light moist coating of Gunzilla down the bore and on all moving parts to provide long-lasting lubrication.

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