Ammo Dummies

We offer a few types of ammo dummies, which are extremely useful for various training exercises, the gunsmith who needs to test actions, and the militaria collector who wants to include inert ammunition in historical displays.

First, our solid and blaze orange "dummy" rounds are made to SAAMI (Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute) standards in ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) polymer plastic. They will properly and safely chamber in all firearms of the specified caliber.

Second, our 7N6 rounds include primers that have been detonated, all powder removed, and the original Russian mild steel core bullet reseated into the case. Although completely inert, they will properly and safely chamber in all firearms of their specified caliber.

Dummy rounds are employed by firearms training organizations in marksmanship exercises due to the safety they provide when live rounds could otherwise potentially injure or kill if misused or mishandled by the inexperienced. From malfunction exercises, gun-handling drills, to classroom work, these are ideal.

Mixed with live ammunition during more advanced training, dummies can provide beneficial information to the instructor who is looking for anticipatory movements that are handicapping a shooter’s accuracy. The bright orange color of these units helps differentiate them from live rounds when used in those types of drills.

Dummies are also very useful when practicing loading, unloading, and immediate action maneuvers. Whenever the chance of unintended discharge exists, a dummy round is always a much better choice than the live equivalent.

Additionally, dummy rounds like these provide excellent cushioning during dry fire. There is never any guarantee that a firing pin will not be damaged, but the base of these dummies will help dampen any inertia much better than an empty chamber.

Finally, there is no substitute for dummy rounds when actions are being tested for functionality during gunsmithing operations. Checking magazine feed, chambering, extraction, and ejection are always best performed with a round that poses no threat of firing inadvertently.

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